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Don’t forget to Set the Table

January 5, 2013

Do you still draw lines and place text within those areas to look like a table?  I bet it’s safe to say that all those tables or charts are not consistent.  A table is an object that contains data in rows and columns.  A table object can be created from an empty table or table style.  A table can also be linked to data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Similar to dimensions you can create your table first setting all the parameters using the properties pane (CTRL+1) or the table contextual ribbon.  Type Table at the command prompt and create a table which has all of your company standards (line weights, fonts, shading, etc.).

Then select your table as if you were to move the entire table.


Simply right-click, select Table Style, and Save as New Table Style.


You can now use designcenter, insert, or simply create a template where you can begin your tables with this style every time.

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