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  1. Pawel permalink

    Hello Sam, I watched on YouTube your movie “Multiline Text and System Variables in AutoCAD” from October 8, 2017 and when you open the multiline text editor you always have “like layer” set up. For me, the color “black” is selected. How do I change it? Regards, Paweł

    • Hello Pawel – I am not sure I understand what you are asking? Can you send me a screenshot?

  2. Bruce Klug permalink

    Hey Sam, I have been going through some of the SSM examples and I have one area I am struggling with. In the table style for the sheet index I can’t get the background fill to work on any field besides the title. I also can’t get the text style to change. Do you know of any issues with these?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Bruce – Just checking my notes – let me see if I can recreate the problem and post. I will be looking at this more over the weekend. You may have to change the table style to get the text style to change. If you modify the table style in the data are that should change your font. I will look into the background fill question.

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