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Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks


Long-time Cadalyst contributing editor and Technical Evangelist Lynn Allen guides you some of the most features in the newest version of AutoCAD, and how to take the advantages of using valuable tips and tricks for working. These books walk you through some of the most important features in the newest version of AutoCAD. Below are links to all of the popular series of Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks booklets for various releases of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2018 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2017 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2016 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2015 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2014 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2013 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2012 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2011 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2010 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2009 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2008 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2007 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2006 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2005 Tips n Tricks

AutoCAD 2005 Tips and Tricks

Don’t forget to visit Lynn’s blog for more tips and tricks and knowledge using Autodesk software.

  1. Tracy cruzen permalink

    Lynn, can you please contact on email or by phone. I have some situations that I need help with. My email is or; phone is (509) 376-6996. I’ve been working with some massive civil drawings. I’m under the gun to finish. I was working in the model and went to the layout tab to find a complete WHITE screen. I had to create the layout over. What happened. The other problem is when I attach Xrefs the unreconciled layers problem occurs. Also the proxy file error occurs when I isolate a layer and try to create a wblock. I am not using MEP, only Acad14. This project has taken me twice as long as necessary. Also, I tried to make all the civil background one file to Xrefs it in. It worked, but then the background would not print. The view was turned on in the particular Xref layers. So again I lost time… Oh bother, ANY other project is looking good now. Just want your advice so the next person is saved the headaches.

    I’ve read your tips and tricks and watched your videos, as well as taking a couple of your courses at acad University. I’ve used Acad since Rel. 9. Please help!!

    Tracy Cruzen
    (503) 475-6356 (Fri -Sun)

    • Hi Tracy, My name is Sam Lucido. I run CADproTips website. Lynn’s blog can be found at You may have already found a solution to most of your problems, I have been traveling and just getting back to my responses. As for the layout color change, go to options, under the display tab there is a colors button where you can change the color of model and layout background. Xref layer reconciliation can be controlled by typing the layer command then selecting the wrench to the far right on the top. You can control how AutoCAD reacts to layers. I am not sure about the proxy error but you can email me at and I would be happy to take a look at any file or follow up with you. Thanks for posting.

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