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My name is Sam Lucido. I have been using AutoCAD since Release 8 (1987).  I started out using the software drafting up layouts and site plans for a small parking company in Wixom, Michigan. I continued to work with AutoCAD moving into the environmental engineering field in the 1990’s and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer-Aided Design in April 2000 at Eastern Michigan University. Since that time I have been providing training, support, and customization within the engineering and design fields.

Autodesk University 2012

Autodesk University 2012

I have been a speaker at Autodesk University for the past four years (2012-2014) and received a Top Speaker Award from  Autodesk. I believe in sharing what I know and working in a team environment to learn and grow as a person and professional in the CAD and Design industry.

AUGI Annual meeting at Autodesk University 2014

AUGI Annual meeting at Autodesk University 2014

I currently work for Haley and Aldrich, Inc. as the CAD Services Manager for the company. I provide monthly tip sheets, WebEx training, and AutoCAD support throughout the companies extensive design team. The tips and tricks I teach come from personal experience, trial and error, and a pursuit of efficiency and productivity in a competitive and challenging environment. I am a certified professional in AutoCAD 2011 thru 2015 and currently pursuing certification in Civil 3D.

  1. Love your blog! Helpful resources! Thanks!

  2. Jaiprakash permalink

    Hi Sam, Great blog keep up your good work. I was looking for your email ID on about page but unable to find it (Sorry for ignorance!) can you share your email ID?

    • Hi Jaiprakash – Thank you. I will send you an email. I need to add that address to this site, thanks for the reminder.

  3. Hello Sam, i am really impressed with your knowledge and experience in Autodesk products. I am a Director of Development for a Non-Profit program dedicated to teaching American Veterans vocational skills so when they return to normal society, they can get a better paying job. We have started a school and will have AutoCAD as a curriculum and sure could use some support, teachers, etc. We are in Troy Michigan and would love to talk to you or anyone that can help us support our Soldiers. You can take a look at our website but please not it is still under construction,, Please feel free to contact me or anyone for that matter that would like to get involved in helping educate soldiers in the AutoCAD world. Hector Carreno – 248-678-4096

  4. Alejandro Dominguez permalink

    You have a very informative website, I’ve seen your presentations on AU. I live in San Diego, CA. When will there be a AU here in San Diego, when will you be in SD? Greetings

    • Thank you. AU is set for Vegas for the next couple years, I know that for sure. I would try to get there if possible and make connections with people you know, the networking is great. For myself no plans to get to the San Diego area this year.

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