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Autodesk University 2012

This was my first year speaking at Autodesk University and I just can’t say enough about how rewarding it was. My class was named Linesanity:  A Journey from Simple to Complex Linetypes. My class covered how to create simple and complex linetypes in AutoCAD. I was concerned about starting out too simple but we all know you have to go over the basics to get to the complicated stuff.  At the end of the class, I had several attendees approach me and say they had been motivated to create new linetypes and were surprised at what you can do with lines in AutoCAD.


I can’t really explain in words how fulfilling it is to have someone come up to you, after a class, and thank you for sharing your AutoCAD knowledge and expertise.  I have always believed that we learn the most from each other.  The users are the ones who come up with all those tips and tricks you cannot find in books. I look forward to possibly teaching again next year and getting better at helping the CAD community grow and change.


Three items that are discussed in CAD meetings everywhere are lean technology, return on investment, and cost per sheet. Fewer clicks and picks equal less time which equals more money, right? With new versions of the software released so often, many little tips and tricks are overlooked. Projects are also becoming more complex, requiring more complicated tasks in AutoCAD software. In this presentation, we will go through over 60 AutoCAD tips, tricks, and shortcuts (through the alphabet, letter by letter) to help make your time in AutoCAD more productive. We will include a comprehensive handout so you can share the knowledge with your coworkers and use it as a handy reference.

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