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AutoCAD Icon Crossword Puzzle

AutoCAD ICON Crossword Puzzle.  I passed this puzzle out prior to my class at AU2012.  As a first time speaker I was trying to ease my nerves by doing something fun related with AutoCAD.

autocad-icon-puzzle-au2012 – Click on the link to download the file. Just a little fun with AutoCAD for everyone during the holidays.

Part of my studying for the AutoCAD Certification Exam(s) was to go through the ribbon and just hover over an icon and see what it does. I soon realized that I use many shortcuts and keyboard strokes making some of those icons a mystery to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ribbon and think it is a great enhancement to AutoCAD. I wanted to create something fun and promote learning as well. I immediately thought of an old crossword puzzle I found in CADALYST magazine from 2006 on system variables. Right-click to download AutoCAD Variable Crossword

On that note, my idea that I have had for so many years has finally been completed in the form of an icon crossword puzzle. The attached page contains a list of several icons found throughout the ribbon in AutoCAD. Look at the icon and try and remember what command is launched when selecting that button (what you would type in at the command prompt). I tried to keep it simple and use some of the more common icons in AutoCAD but threw a few odd ones in there as well.

Happy learning and enjoy!

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