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Autodesk University 2018

Autodesk University 2018 was a very different experience for me. I showed up prepared but I have learned to expect the unexpected. When I went to the speaker ready room to test my lap top it did not have the ability to project to a second screen. It had to do with my graphics card and we were unable to resolve the issue. I was able to get a loner laptop from the AU tech team and we had to reinstall all software, configure the computer and setup my datasets.

After a very long first few days I was able to present my 3 classes. Thankfully I created videos before I left since I had to show one during class since I could not get my tool palettes to configure linetypes to load.

Attached our links to my classes, including videos, handouts, and datasets.

Leveraging Linetypes in AutoCAD.

Advanced topics using the Sheet Set Manager.

Getting Productive with Plan Production in Civil 3D

You live and you learn – I was prepared and will continue to do that each and every time I present. Something always happens and it only makes us better at what we do.  See you all at Autodesk University 2019.

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