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Autodesk University 2013

As I sit here at home on New Year’s day I was reflecting on all of the experiences I had last year and one of the most rewarding was speaking at Autodesk University 2013. This was my second year speaking at the conference and I was honored to be selected to present again.

My class was named Mighty Macros: Powerful Commands to Pump up Productivity. I submitted 5 proposals back in March of 2013. I really wanted to teach my linetype class again but when this class was selected I was pleasantly surprised. What a fun class! I just may have needed more than 60 minutes since some of the comments were I went a bit too fast. I was selected to speak at 2:30 on the last day of the conference which increased my anxiety level a bit but when the time came I was very calm. I had over 125 people show up and many stayed after to discuss the class. Maybe it was the peanut MnM’s I passed out 🙂


I am very excited to find that my class was recorded this year.  I have provided the link to the class where you can find the video and all of the class materials I speak about.


As I have mentioned before I have always believed that we learn the most from each other. The users are the ones who come up with all those tips and tricks you cannot find in books. I look back at all of the work I put in to prepare for this event and I thought, “ would I do this again”?  How could I not, it’s what I love to do and the possibly teaching again next year and getting better at helping the CAD community grow and change is an opportunity I cannot seem to pass up. That being said, I hope to see you next year at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I already have some great ideas for class topics and look forward to sharing those with all of you.

AU2013-My Class

Happy New Year to all of my new friends and to those of you I have not yet met.


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