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Autodesk University 2022

We are back in person at a different venue this year for Autodesk University 2022. This year I will be presenting on class using Civil 3D which is named Investigating the Geotechnical Modeler in Civil 3D. Geotechnical borehole data and how it can be incorporated into AutoCAD and Civil 3D has been part of my workflow for over 10 years. From importing gINT files manually using a dxf, to using other software and the Geotechnical Module I was able to improve the process and workflows of this important data.

We will review the installation to workflow of the modeler and how it can benefit you in your design work. The Geotechnical Modeler is a relatively new add on for Civil 3D and is currently continuing to develop and change.

Check out my article in AUGIWorld Magazine for a brief write up on this tool. There have been some updates including a hatch interface dialog box which we will review during our class. The image below shows data imported via the Geotechnical Modeler then exported in 3D format to be used as a visual in Infraworks. We will cover this workflow during the session. My goal is to provide you the knowledge you need to succeed and use some new tools in Civil 3D to enhance productivity and innovation.

Some of my past classes: All images below contain links for additional information.

Exploring Advanced Topics in the Lab with the Sheet Set Manager

This is one of my many classes on Sheet Sets. There is a 100 page handout and a full dataset for you to learn from.

Staying Productive with Plan and Production in Civil 3D

The plan production tools in Civil 3D are an excellent way to become productive while working on site plans and profiles along roadways or other site features.

Investigate how to use and implement the CAD Standards Manager in the Lab

CAD Standards.  Let’s discuss how a tool that has been around for years can help you maintain and keep your company standards. This year let’s go to the lab and use the CAD Standards Manager to help us check and maintain standards within your design team.

I have been working in the industry for a long time and realize you can’t do it alone, we all need help, mentorship, and guidance along the way.  I have many friends who I see once a year which is awesome. Words can’t explain the respect and friendship we share.

My employer, CHA Consulting, Inc. recognizes the value of continued learning and development and we share what we know within our design team and throughout the company.
We currently have some openings – CHA Companies Careers

I hope to see you all in person and in New Orleans this year! I plan to be there and if you see me don’t hesitate introduce yourself to me or ask a question.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever in the World you may be.

Until next month or in person at AU…….. Sam


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