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Autodesk University 2017

As the prep for the proposal process begins for Autodesk University 2018 I wanted to share my thoughts and highlights from Autodesk University 2017, which occurred in November 2017. I am very late this year posting due to some much-needed time with the family and also prepping for a conference named Midwest University 2018 which occurred in March 2018. At Midwest University I presented Plan and Production tools in Civil 3D. I will write a separate post on Midwest U as it deserves it’s own recognition.

I did not speak at Autodesk University 2017, I decided to try and take classes and help as a lab assistant blending into the crowd. To be honest, being a lab assistant is not as easy as you think it would be. I approach each lab assistant assignment as if I were teaching the class. I study, prepare, and am ready for questions as they come up during class. My goal is to be readily available to all people in the class while not interrupting the instructor. With 100 computers there are 3 of us and we travel around the room and help as needed. I really enjoy it and it is a fun time, people come up with great questions and are always eager to chat and learn.

First, I  lab assisted my friend Rick Ellis in two of his Civil 3D classes. I have helped Rick in the past but I always learn something new from him as he walked through Practical Guide to GIS in Civil 3D parts 1 and 2 at Autodesk University.

Second, I helped out Paul Munford in his Tool Palettes Master Class (Planning and Preparation, Not Perspiration). Paul went through the process of how to manage tool palettes in AutoCAD from a CAD Standards point of view.

To close I helped Tracy Chadwick with A Dynamic class on Dynamic blocks in AutoCAD. This was my first time working directly with Tracy and it was fun.  He had a great class and they were very lively and people asked a lot of good questions. They kept me busy!

Check out those classes and I am confident you will find value in what my friends provide. A little value can go a long way with learning and development. I am proud that I can represent my company Haley & Aldrich and the AU community AKN by helping people and providing solutions and topics that are continually sought out.

I hope to see you all again at Autodesk University 2018 in Las Vegas later this year. If you have any topics you want to cover send me an email ( or send a note to Autodesk and they know where to find me.

I am ready and prepared to speak again, I have some topics lined up that I believe you will find helpful – My proposals are ready to go!

Spring is almost here in Michigan!  Almost.

Have a great weekend wherever in the World you may be.


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