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CAD Videos

This page is dedicated to training videos using AutoCAD and Civil 3D. All of the videos I create come from personal work experience and tips and tricks I have collected along the way.

Changing your Startup Options in AutoCAD

Changing Startup Options in AutoCAD. This quick video will show you how to change two system variables and also put a startup switch in the shortcut to get AutoCAD to load quickly.

Georeferencing Images into AutoCAD 2016

This example shows how to use the online map function in AutoCAD to display Comerica Park in Detroit Michigan

Edit Attributes Using the QAT in AutoCAD

Adding the edit attribute command to the Quick Access Toolbar in AutoCAD

Using Layer Walk to Create Layer States in AutoCAD

Layer Walk is a great command. Did you know you can create layer states using layer walk?

Develop, Drag, and Drop in AutoCAD

Did you know you can drag and drop many different file types into AutoCAD? There are many drag and drop features in AutoCAD and it’s verticals that are not documented. Not only can we drag and drop drawing (.dwg) files you can also do the same with lisp, script, images, pdf, and even text files.

Creating a Variable Width Polyline

In this video we are going to show you how to start a polyline with a certain width and change the line width during the command to draw an arrow as one polyline

Complex Complex Linetypes with Fonts in AutoCAD Part 1

These next 4 videos are installments of how to create linetypes in AutoCAD. I broke it down into four separate sections covering simple linetypes all the way to complex linetypes using both fonts and shapes.

Complex Complex Linetypes with Fonts in AutoCAD Part 2

Complex Complex Linetypes with Fonts in AutoCAD Part 3

Complex Complex Linetypes with Fonts in AutoCAD Part 4

Clean up Text Styles with the CAD Standards Manager in AutoCAD

Create 3D Text in AutoCAD

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