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Autodesk AutoCAD Preview Guides

Each year in March Autodesk releases a new version of AutoCAD. If any of you are like me I get a little excited just to see what has been going on with the new release of AutoCAD. When I first heard about the new toolsets and only ONE AutoCAD I was excited to give it a try.

Along with that new version of AutoCAD, Autodesk releases a preview guide. The preview guide will cover new features of the software that have been added since the previous release. These preview guides are easy to follow and provide valuable information on what is new or has been changed to provide more value to you. Take time to look at the older preview guides as well. I like to see the progression of the graphics on the cover.

You might be surprised at the development of AutoCAD over the past 10 years.  Click on the image or the text to open up and save your preview guide.

AutoCAD 2019 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2018_1 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2018 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2017 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2016 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2015 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2014 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2013 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2012 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2011 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2010 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2009 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2008 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2007 Preview Guide

AutoCAD 2006 Preview Guide

Preview guides are great ways to see the progression of the software and how things have changed over the past 10 years. Look for AutoCAD 2020 preview guide from Autodesk out in March 2020!



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