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Pull out Panels

December 15, 2012

If you spend a lot of time using several commands on a particular panel in the Ribbon you can simply pull out your favorite panel and place in the drawing area or on another monitor (if you have two).  Simply right-click on the panel you would like to move and drag out to the drawing area (make sure you do not click on a command).  For this example we will pull out the layer panel.


You can move the panel around by selecting the side tabs (dark sides shown below).  When you want it back on the ribbon select the arrow as shown and the panel will be placed back on the ribbon where it was originally located.  Even if you are on another tab!


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  1. William (Bill) Twomey permalink

    Hello Samun,
    First, Thank You for your reply. It kind of works! Lol . . . .
    It is really strange because all the commands work on the second press of the enter button, but; only in the Y direction. I get no response, as was the case before, in the X direction. Very strange – indeed.
    Any other ideas?


  2. Hello Bill,
    The first thing I would try is typing LUNITS at the command prompt and selecting (3) Architectural or (4) for Engineering. This will switch your units from a decimal based entry to feet and inches. You can also type DDUNITS at the command prompt and change the type to Architectural or Engineering from the type pull down. I am using AutoCAD to check this and do not have AutoCAD LT installed but could load up the trial version to double check. Hope that helps.


  3. William (Bill) Twomey permalink

    Hi Sam,
    I recently removed my 2008 AutoCad LT program from my old work laptop and reinstalled it on my new laptop. Seems in the reinstallation, I have lost something. I used to be able to draw, move, copy etc. etc. in Feet & Inches. eg: the command: “L Enter @10’9,0 Enter” would send a line 10′ 9″ to the right of where I placed the cursor. Now I can only do functions in Inches without the use of any marks. Seems the program will no longer accept the (‘) foot mark. I really miss it and can’t find the cure anywhere in the menus (DRAW – Units or TOOLS – Options, User Preferences). Can you tell me how I can fix it?

    Your help will be much appreciated.


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