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Where are my Tool Palettes?

September 3, 2013

Have you ever changed the tool palette path and wondered where did all my default palettes go?  Sometimes those locations can be tricky when trying to find the default location. We put the path in a text file, a note on the desktop, or maybe a macro to bring it back.  There is a much easier way. Type Options, Config, or right click in the command area and select options to bring up the Options dialog box as shown.


Navigate to the tool palette file locations section and expand the + then delete the path that is shown in there.  Next, when you hit apply AutoCAD will bring up the following dialog box indicating that the default tool palette directory will be used.


Simply hit OK then Apply and your tool palettes will be restored.  A simple tip on how to get those palettes back to the default setting as shown below.


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  1. imran permalink

    Hello sir,

    i saw your class … it was great..
    and i tryed almost all your tips and tricks for create macro…
    but i have one problem in creating macro for ..ALL POLYLINE CLOSE..
    i am sucessed in creating one polyline close with one click..[^C^C_pedit;\C;;]
    i dont know what is problem..
    so please solve my problem …
    and thanks for great macro class..
    sorry my bad english.

    from :
    imran raj

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