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My Rows, My Columns, My Table

November 16, 2013

With a follow up to my pickfirst example I wanted to show another quick tip which can clean up those tables on current projects. A table is a compound object that contains data in rows and columns just like Microsoft Excel. Similar to excel you can set the rows and columns to the same height and also put an indent in there for your page sheets on the project.  Figure 1 shows a table where we use the properties dialog palette to ensure that we have consistent sizes for the rows and a good indent for the drawing sheet list. Item 1 shows an indent of .18 and Item 2 shows a consistent row height of .3. How do we make sure those values are the same in the entire table?

Figure 1: Title Sheet Table


Select all of your cells in the table using a window or crossing (just like excel) and hit ctrl+1 or bring up the properties palette as shown in Figure 2. Here on the palette you can change a number of items within the table.  With the properties palette you can change the alignment of text, add a background fill, and even change the lineweight of the table cells. These are only a few of the many options available.

Figure 2: The Properties Palette


Make your edits as shown in the properties box and your table will change and be ready for final review.  I also have attached The Power of Properties article I wrote in the AUGIWorld September issue. I keep the properties palette open all of the time on my second monitor, you might be surprised at some of the items you can control and or change with that simple palette. 

That’s all for me until Autodesk University 2013!  As I said in the article I look forward to meeting new friends and collegues during the most wonderful time of the year.

AUGIWorld – Power of Properties (2013-0906)

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