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Quickly Edit Attributes in AutoCAD

August 2, 2015

As CAD designers, drafters and managers we all use blocks with attributes. In some cases we have to filter through the attributes to find the one we need to edit. Have you ever become tired of scrolling through those dialog boxes to find the attribute you need changed? Figure 1 below shows a title block containing attributes along with the standard dialog box for editing.

All I need to change is the AU2014 to AU2015. There is a quicker way to do this by using the ATTIPEDIT command.

Figure 1:  Title block with attributes.


Simply type ATTIPEDIT at the command prompt and select the attribute as shown above (AU2014).


You will now be able to edit the text as if it was a single entity. If you select a single-line attribute (as shown in Figure 2), AutoCAD displays the In-Place Text Editor without the Text Formatting toolbar and the ruler.

Figure 2: Select the Attribute you wish to change.


If you select a multiple-line attribute, AutoCAD displays the In-Place Text Editor with the Text Formatting toolbar and the ruler. Depending on the setting of the ATTIPE system variable, the Text Formatting toolbar displayed is either the abbreviated version shown, or the full version.

BONUS TIP: Instead of typing the ATTIPEDIT command try holding down the Ctrl Key as shown in Figure 3 and selecting your attribute. A great shortcut with no typing involved just a click of the keyboard.

Figure 3:  The CTRL Key Combination

02-Control Key

It’s August and that means we are getting closer to registration for Autodesk University 2015. You can get a sneak peak at some of the classes by clicking on the image below.


If you are looking to learn more about the Sheet Set Manager (SSM) in AutoCAD then join me for No Sheet on Day 1. We will cover the very comprehensive topic of Sheet Sets in AutoCAD and learn how to leverage the power of this tool. My handout will be complete with examples and a dataset for you to take back to the office and customize to your needs.


I Hope you all are having a happy and healthy summer….until next month


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