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Linesanity for AutoCAD is back with Video!

October 18, 2015

Some of you may be aware that I taught a class at Autodesk University on linetypes in 2012. I have always had fun with creating new linetypes and each year in March I look for more supplied with the out of the box version of AutoCAD. My class was not recorded so I decided to make some Screencasts about linetypes and how to create simple to complex in Autodesk AutoCAD.


In the first week of October Autodesk celebrated Customer First Week to coincide with National Customer Service Week. The week included Answer Day for Revit, several Help Webinars, and lots more. As part of being an Expert Elite member I was asked to help support the community and post, answer questions and provide Screencasts.

What I decided to do was add videos to some of the concepts and blogs that I have spoken about over the years. Most of my posts are a tip or trick and/or how to solve a problem in AutoCAD. I could not help myself and created a 4-part mini series on linetypes. My class was never recorded back in 2012 so take a look at the following Screencasts shown below and see what you can do with linetypes in AutoCAD.


The attached links are directly pasted into CADproTips and they will also be on the Autodesk Screencast website for you to download and learn directly from the tips. If you want to learn about creating linetypes enjoy and look for more videos from me at the Autodesk Screencast Site.

Complex Complex Linetypes with Fonts in AutoCAD – Part 1

Creating Complex Linetypes with Special Characters – Part 2

Complex Complex Linetypes with Wingdings in AutoCAD – Part 3

Complex Complex Linetypes with Shapes AutoCAD – Part 4

That’s all for now and again I look forward to seeing you all at Autodesk University 2015 in Las Vegas. My class is filling up quickly and we are going to kick off the conference with Sheet Sets and have a lot of fun!  No Sheet!


This may be it until AU2015 since I need to focus on my presentation. See you all in Vegas!


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