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Quickly Edit Attributes using the QAT in AutoCAD

July 16, 2016

As CAD designers, drafters and managers we all use blocks with attributes. Many times we will have to filter through the attributes to find the one we need to edit. Have you ever become tired of scrolling through those dialog boxes to find one you were looking for?

We are going to add a button to the QAT (Quick access toolbar) to launch the ATTIPEDIT command as shown in the command line below. The attipedit command will let you select the attribute as if it was just a text object not embedded within a block, very quick and easy to access the field without having to go through the attribute editor.


HINT: You can access this command by typing at the command prompt or holding down the CTRL key and selecting your attribute.

02-Control Key

Start out and launch AutoCAD and type CUI at the command prompt.

Expand your current Quick Access Toolbar then type atti… the command list to search for the ATTIPEDIT command. Once found select that command and drag into your toolbar area as shown.

Once the command has been added AutoCAD will bring up the button image to be used and the command macro that controls the command.  Hit OK and/or Apply and close the dialog box.



Take a look at your QAT and notice that the new command has been added.


Test out your new command which will enable you to change the text value of an attribute within a block. If you select a single-line attribute, the In-Place Text Editor is displayed without the Text Formatting toolbar and the ruler. Right-click to display options. If you select a multiple-line attribute, the In-Place Text Editor is displayed with the Text Formatting toolbar and the ruler.Note from Autodesk Help: Depending on the setting of the ATTIPE system variable, the Text Formatting toolbar displayed is either the abbreviated version or the full version. Use the abbreviated version for compatibility with previous product releases and editing operations. Use the full version for additional text formatting options. Check out the following video to visually show you how to add that button to the QAT.

Shown below is my AU2016 Speaker badge! Excited and honored to be selected to speak again this year at Autodesk University in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The conference will be November 15 – 17 which is earlier than in the past years.  Passes can be purchased right now at the Autodesk University Website and you can get a sneak peak of the classes available.


Sam Lucido on Autodesk Screencast

I will be teaching 3 classes this year and I am going back to the lab with macros which is going to be a lot of fun. Macros in the lab will be fun and fast paced as we will use the action recorder, the CUI and tool palettes to create some cool and fun macros to help productivity. No Sheet!  Yep, I am back with Sheet Sets again. This time a more in-depth demo on how to use some of the advanced features within the SSM. Finally, the newcomer to the party is CSI: CAD Standards Implementation. I have been working with CAD Standards tools for the past year for my company and some clients. This class will show you how easy it is to configure a standards file and keep your drawings compliant with your company standards.


Autodesk University Class List

As always I look forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones during Autodesk University 2016!  See you all in November, until next month…..Sam

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