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Autodesk University 2019 – My Class Proposals

July 7, 2019

The annual Call for Proposals  for Autodesk University closed on Monday June 25, 2019 with record setting numbers. When the deadline arrived, Autodesk received over 2000 proposals from people all over the world. I decided not promote my classes during the proposal voting process. I understand why this is done since AU is about you and with this in mind we all want to see presentations that will inspire us to continue to improve and grow in our professional career. I decided to let the proposals get voted on the content and objectives which is how I approach my class selection.

My primary focus again this year is on AutoCAD and Civil 3D. Of course I am going to take sheet sets to the lab again. After how much fun we had last year (you had to be there) it was worth another try. I believe in hard work and dedication and that will show in what I present.

My proposed classes: All images below contain links for additional information.

Exploring Advanced Topics in the Lab with the Sheet Set Manager

This class will be a Hands on LAB. We are all at different levels of using the Sheet Set Manager and the best way to present in a lab is to separate this into multiple exercises. There will be approximately 15 exercises in this class. We will not go through all of them due to time but the dataset and handout will be available for you to take back and practice at the office when you get home. This is an extremely valuable and important topic that drafters, designers, and managers need to understand.

Staying Productive with Plan and Production in Civil 3D

I have learned some new tricks on this topic I presented in 2018. Join me for a class on how to make it easy to automate sheet layouts in Civil 3D.

Using Civil 3D to Make your Mark with a Map Book

I recently had a project in Civil 3D where I just needed tiled viewports of a large area and a key map. Civil 3D is built upon Map 3D therefore we will use the built in functionality of Map to create a Map Book then tie that into a sheet set.

Making the transition from AutoCAD to Civil 3D

Many people believe that if you know AutoCAD you also know Civil 3D and can make a quick transition.  This class will focus on what I have learned from a personal experience as well as training others on how to think differently and use the power that Civil 3D has to offer.  We will explore points, styles, profiles, alignments and other tools and compare the differences between AutoCAD and Civil 3D helping you think differently on how you approach your design project.

Investigate how to use and implement the CAD Standards Manager in the Lab

Nuff said – CAD Standards.  Let’s discuss how a tool that has been around for years can help you maintain and keep your company standards. This year let’s go to the lab and use the CAD Standards Manager to help us check and maintain standards within your design team.

You ask why I do this? I do this because I feel I need to share what I know. I have been working in the industry for a long time and realize you can’t do it alone, we all need help, mentorship, and guidance along the way.  I have many friends who I see once a year which is awesome. Words can’t explain the respect and friendship we share.

My employer, Haley & Aldrich sees the value of continued learning and development and we share what we know within our design team and throughout the company.
We currently have some opening for CAD designers and Engineers – check out those positions here

I hope to see you all in Vegas again – I plan to be there and if you see me don’t hesitate to talk to me or ask a question.

Get Ready for Autodesk University 2019

Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever in the World you may be.

Until next month………..Sam


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