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Launching the Windows Calculator from inside AutoCAD

July 25, 2020

AutoCAD and Civil 3D have a calculator built right into the programs, yet many people I talk to do not use the full functionality of these tools. The CAL and QuickCalc calculators use geometric functions, unit conversions, and variables in addition to the basic features found in scientific calculators. You can use both calculators transparently from commands and from the Properties palette to obtain geometric information. For a great description and video check out Civil Immersion blog for a recent post on the using the Calculator in AutoCAD.  For an article I wrote in AUGIWorld in December 2019 see this link:  Controlling your calculations in AutoCAD.

Do you still prefer to use the Windows calculator?  You can do that by editing the ACAD.PGP file. On the Express Tools tab under the Tools panel, select Command Aliases as shown below.

Next the Aliaseditor dialog box will appear and you can perform the following 5 functions to add your command.

  1. Move over to the Shell commands tab.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Add the information as shown below.
  4. Type WC at the command prompt in AutoCAD.
  5. The Windows Calculator will be displayed.

The following video will show you how this is accomplished in AutoCAD or Civil 3D.

Have a great weekend and stay safe – until next month.



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