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Exploring the Express Tools Layout Panel in AutoCAD

May 9, 2021

Within this post we are going to review 3 separate commands located on the Express tools tab of the Ribbon in AutoCAD. The AutoCAD Express tools are a collection of tools that help support and enhance the productivity of AutoCAD. You can access the Express Tools from the express tools tab on the ribbon and you can also type the corresponding command at the command prompt.

  1. Align Space – This command will take a model space view and align your viewport in paper space to match.
  2. Synchronize Viewports: This command helps line up those viewports perfectly  where you can add a match line for a better representation.
  3. Merge Layout – This command will take unused layouts and merge into one consolidating your design drawings.







The next 3 videos will review each of these parts of the Layout tab on the Express Tools panel.

Autodesk University will be digital again this year which gives you the opportunity to attend and collaborate with your peers.  I have decided to submit proposals for 3 classes this year.

CLASS ID: CES500047:  AutoCAD System Variables Explained!

System variables in AutoCAD are values that control command settings, interface behavior, and user options. AutoCAD has well over 900 system variables working in the background while you use the software. Some system variables are stored within the drawing file while others are stored in the Windows registry. In this class you will learn how to redefine important system variables to maximize your efficiency using AutoCAD. We will review and alter many system variables and understand how they can affect the behavior of AutoCAD. After gaining an understanding we will discover how to implement the System Variable Monitor and System Variable Editor to help us manage and maintain a standard approach to your design workflow.

Class ID: CI50002: Making your Move from AutoCAD to Civil 3D

You have been presented with the task of moving from using AutoCAD to Civil 3D on a design project and soon realize that the two programs are very different. Civil 3D is a complex civil design tool which is part of the Autodesk AEC collection. This course is designed to give you a basic introduction on how to make a successful move from AutoCAD to Civil 3D. We will review how to make the move from general AutoCAD design and drafting into a more BIM approach using Civil 3D. We will start with a comprehensive review of the Toolspace palette. We will import point files, create surfaces, alignments, and profiles. A review of the differences between data shortcuts and external references will be covered and we will close with a general overview of some of the more complex design features of the software. We will cover the basic topics of the software and provide you a general overview of all the features included in Civil 3D to help you get started on your design journey.

Class ID: CES500018: Professional Tips and Techniques Using the Sheet Set Manager

Following up from A Complete Guide to the Sheet Set Manager this class will focus on professional tips and techniques while using the Sheet Set Manager. We will do a deep dive into the commands and settings and all components of the Sheet Set Manager covering over 50 tips that will help you increase your productivity. We will start with creating multiple templates for different disciplines, then review the Sheet Set Palette and how you can leverage that on projects, and finally covering areas that you may or may not be familiar with when using the Sheet Set Manager. This class will help you understand the power behind the tools included in the Sheet Set Manager that are rarely used or ignored. At the end of this class you will be able to apply your knowledge to take your designs to the next level by connecting the data and staying on top of current industry practices.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever in the World you may be.  Stay healthy and safe – until next month.


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