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Controlling Annotative Text Display in AutoCAD and Civil 3D

July 16, 2023

Annotation text objects in AutoCAD are used in drawings to determine text height or the overall scale of an annotated text object. An annotative object whether it be text or a block is set to a scale in model space at a particular paper height then when the viewport scale is changed the object changes its scale based on that factor.

If the annotative property of an annotation object is enabled, the text height or scale of the annotation object adjusts based on the current drawing annotation or layout viewport scale with the result that it will remain at the same size automatically.

Annotative Objects continue to be a key learning component for many AutoCAD users. For Civil 3D users, all our labels and styles are annotative which means the concept becomes more of a natural workflow.

There are two commands (one system variable) that I find helpful when working with Annotative objects. The first is the system variable SELECTIONANNODISPLAY.  This variable will control the “faded visibility” or multiple scales showing up when you select the text or object as shown below.

The default value is set at 1, change the system variable to 0 and your multiple annotative scales will not appear.

Many times we want to see those different object scales giving us the visual display to help determine if the location is correct at an alternate scale. If you want the text and/or leader to be pointing at the same spot in all places then you must reset the annotative object.  This can be controlled by Synchronizing Multiple-scale options as shown below.

  1. Select your object (text shown below)
  2. From the menu select Annotative Object Scale
  3. Select Synchronize Multiple-scale Positions.

This will reset the location of all the annotative scales to align with the current scale selected.

Have a great weekend wherever in the World you may be.

Stay healthy and safe – Sam

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