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Drawing location

May 2, 2012

Where is my drawing?

Have you ever been in a drawing and wanted to know what the drawing location is?  There are a couple of ways to do this in AutoCAD and I have supplied a little lisp routine to help. First, can type DWGPREFIX at the command prompt and get the path in the command area.

The path will be placed below in the command window.  You could easily paste into windows explorer to get to the correct folder on your network. Second, in the options dialog box under Open and Save make you check the Display full path in title as shown.

The drawing path will be displayed in the Window bar above the AutoCAD display.

Third, select the application browser and select drawing properties.

Under the General Tab you will find the drawing location.

Fourth, copy and paste the attached lisp code to a text file and save the path.lsp.  Next, load up in AutoCAD and type path.


;;; Written by: Sam Lucido
;;; Updated: 04-17-12
;;;  Simple routine to display the path of the current
;;; drawing displayed within an alert box.
(defun C:PATH ()
(setq DWPRE (getvar “dwgprefix”))
(alert (strcat “File Location:   ” (princ DWPRE)))


AutoCAD will display the alert dialog box with the path shown. We all get busy and forget, these quick tips will help you navigate around your network and know where you are at all time.

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