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Shifty Corners with Fillet

April 27, 2013

A quick tip on how to use the fillet command to close corners or trim and extend an object creating a 90 degree angle. Yes, you can simply set your fillet radius to 0 and select two lines but what if we did not want to change our radius. Let’s say we want to keep our radius set to a standard value.  This is where we can use the SHIFT key to help out.

Draw crossing lines as shown below (top left of image).  Type fillet then hold down your shift key and select lines 1 and 2.  AutoCAD will close the corner and you will have a 90 degree angle.  Another tip would be if you would like to create an arc between two parallel lines.  Simply type fillet and select the lines 3 and 4 as shown below.  AutoCAD will create an arc between the two lines as shown.

Fillet command-shift

These are two simple tips on how to use the fillet command more efficiently while working in AutoCAD.

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