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Set your object properties to Bylayer

May 7, 2013

No one likes to pick up a drawing and find out that everything has been drawn on layer 0. You could just match properties or select from the layer pull down but that may not get everything you need. Objects’ properties within blocks will not be changed. That is where the SETBYLAYER command comes in handy. The SETBYLAYER command changes property overrides for color, linetype, lineweight, material, plot style, and transparency to ByLayer for selected objects and inserted blocks on unlocked layers

Simply select from the application browser under the Home tab, modify panel (as shown below) or type SETBYLAYER at the command prompt. Select the object(s) you would like changed and hit Enter.


This command also has settings options where you can control what properties you would like changed.


After launching the command type S (or select) at the command prompt and the following dialog box will pop up.


This box will control the setting of the SETBYLAYER command.  Give it a try today!

Additional Layer Notes:

By creating layers, you can associate similar types of objects by assigning them to the same layer. Layers can control the following:

  1. Whether objects on a layer are visible or dimmed in any viewports
  2. Whether and how objects are plotted
  3. What color is assigned to all objects on a layer
  4. What default linetype and lineweight are assigned to all objects on a layer
  5. Whether objects on a layer can be modified
  6. Whether objects display with different layer properties in individual layout viewports

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