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Autodesk University 2018 – Last week to Vote!

July 8, 2018

The annual Call for Proposals  for Autodesk University closed on Monday June 11, 2018. When the deadline arrived, Autodesk received over 2000 proposals from people all over the world. I have submitted proposals for the past six years (excluding last year). My thought process is based upon workflow and production and what have I found to be valuable and trending within the industry. My classes are based on real world examples and are my way of documenting my findings on how to become more proficient with the software.

AU is about YOU so now is the time for you to vote for your favorite classes and what you would like to see presented. Take a look at what I am proposing and if you find valuable send a vote my way. I can promise you that I will provide you a comprehensive handout and a passionate presentation on the topic provided. I focus on AutoCAD and Civil 3D. I believe in hard work and dedication and that will show in what I present.

My proposed classes:

Managing your Sheets with the Sheet Set Manager – A Beginners Guide

Managing your Sheets with the Sheet Set Manager – An Advanced Guide

My sheet set classes are Hands on LABS. I have taught sheets sets before and realized that people were at all different levels and the best way to present in a lab is to split these up into two separate sections. At the office, I would dedicate over a half day maybe more just to train people on the Sheet Set Manager. This is an extremely valuable and important topic that drafters, designers, and managers need to understand.

Getting Productive with Plan and Production in Civil 3D

When working on a large mining project we soon realized we needed profiles and site plans over a very long roadway. This is where Plan and Production saved us some time and kept the project more efficient.

Leveraging Linetypes in AutoCAD

OK. I have to admit.  One of my favorite topics is linetypes. Why there have been no new ones added since, let me think??? I am not sure there have been any updates to the acad.lin file in over 10 years.  That’s OK, because in this class we will explore this and show you how to make your designs stand out in the crowd.

Making your Mark with a Map Book in Civil 3D

I recently had a project in Civil 3D where I just needed tiled viewports of a large area and a key map. I created a Map Book saving me time and providing value – I will show you how I did that.

Managing Standards with the CAD Standards Manager

Nuff said – CAD Standards.  Let’s discsuss how a tool that has been around for years can help you maintain and keep your company standards.

Don’t forget to Vote by Friday July 13, 2018 and stay tuned to see if any of my proposals will be accepted.

You ask why I do this? I do this because I feel I need to share what I know. I have been working in the industry for a long time and realize you can’t do it alone, we all need help, mentorship, and guidance along the way.  I have many friends who I see once a year and it is awesome, words can’t explain the respect and friendship we share.

My employer, Haley & Aldrich sees the value of continued learning and development and we share what we know within our design team and throughout the company.

I hope to see you all in Vegas again – I plan to be there and if you see me don’t hesitate to talk to me or ask a question.

I’ll shoot a CAD tip along soon…..been very busy at the office and at home.



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